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AddUp 2

    Category: Education

Views: 1065

Platform: Windows

License: shareware

Updated at: 27 May 2005


Size: 341 KB

Editor's review: Not yet reviewed

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AddUp description

Addup - All-purpose calculator, rich set of functions

AddUp 2 could be the last calculator/converter you will ever want. With a flexible work area and user-selectable button panels, this multi-purpose tool packs all the functionality you can expect in a calculator. * A flexible work area lets you type in your calculations directly. It is as simple as a regular text editor, and you can further process your results the same way. * Units and conversions: meter -> foot, ounce -> gram, liter -> pint, day -> minute, C -> F and many more. * Financial functions: future value, present value, interest rate and more. * Exponentials functions: exp, ln, log, fact, pow, root and more. * Fractional and whole number processing: ceil, floor, round, sRound and more. * Random number generation, real or complex, linear or gaussian. * Seven different numeric formats for all needs: scientific (1.23e-45), currency (12,345.00), fractional (1 2/3) and more. Each one of these formats is customizable. * Prime number functions. * Trigonometric and Hyperbolic functions, normal and inverse. * Statistical functions: group attributes (max, gcd, lcm and more) and distribution values (sd, var, median and more) * Bit-level binary functions: binary-and, binary-or, binary-shift and more. * Numeric bases: binary, octal, hexadecimal, in fact all number bases from 2 to 36 are supported in all functions and all display formats. Easily convert from any numeric base to any other. * Complex numbers are natively supported and also accompanied by a specialized set of access functions. * Annotate, edit and repeat your calculations in the work area. Save your work for later use: select either a text (.txt) or rich-edit (.rtf) document, restore it, email it, edit it with a word processor, etc. * Comprehensive online help is included. You\'ll need it given all these features!

AddUp is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download AddUp.

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